Occupational Safety and Health Management System based on the UNI – INAIL Guidelines


Health and safety at work have always been critical elements that require correct and continuous management over time. Today, this is more important than ever.

Controls are increasingly frequent, and the size of the sanctions applied put the very survival of the company at risk.

Today, the Control Bodies can decree the closure of a production unit because it is missing an environmental authorisation, or they can inflict heavy financial penalties if they find security-related irregularities.

In many countries, the judges provide fines and disqualification (up to the closure of the activity) in the presence of culpable crimes in the field of workers’ health and safety.

AJA Europe Srl, with the X-Safe Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, satisfies the need of companies, who wish to be more aware of the degree to which they need to comply with health and safety legislation.


  • Request to reduce the insurance premium rate;
  • The Company acquires awareness of the degree of compliance with the legislation on safety and health at work, therefore placing itself in the best condition to avoid administrative, pecuniary, and disqualifying sanctions (suspension of authorisations, revocation of loans granted, closure of the activity, etc. );
  • Demonstration to third parties (Customers, Credit Institutions, Certification Bodies, etc.) of the Company’s attention to the health and safety of workers and to legal compliance in matters relating to the environment and the health and safety of workers;
  • The duration of the audit is reduced compared to other certifications;
  • The Company is encouraged to develop a plan for corrective actions and system improvement;
  • The Company improves its Bank Rating with significant advantages in terms of access to capital.

Although the report issued by AJA Europe Srl has no legal standing with the Competent Authorities, it allows the Company to identify everything that is non-compliant and determines the Corrective Actions that need to be taken to operate in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

Certification process

Where applicable, the certification comprises:

  1. An analysis of the documentation prepared by the Organisation and any other documented information useful to perform the audit;
  2. A field analysis aimed at verifying that the documentation accurately reflects the state of the Organisation;
  3. An assessment of the company prevention system with respect to the legislation on the prevention of work-related risks.

At the end of the certification process, the certificate of compliance of the Health and Safety at Work Management System will be issued to the X-Safe Standard.

The certification is valid for three years and includes annual surveillance audits.

AJA Excellence standards, developed by experts and designed specifically for the Italian economic-legislative context, are owned by AJA Europe Srl, partner of the A Cube Tic Ltd group.