ISO 9001 Certification – QMS


Quality Management System

The Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard, now widely used all over the world, is able to bring benefits through the continuous improvement of performance of the company processes, the systematic efficiency in the provision of the service and the increase in competitive advantage.

Increasingly demanded by ‘Blue-Chip‘ companies and the Public Administration sectors, ISO 9001 certification ensures these organizations and your current customers that your company is able to provide products and services with continuity and with increasing attention to quality.

ISO 9001 focuses on business processes, allowing companies to develop their quality management system on the activities carried out, from attention to customer requests to the creation of the product or service delivery, from the choice of suppliers to the care in after-sale services. A Cube TIC Group, also through its associated companies, carries out ISO 9001 audits on a wide range of industrial and trade sectors all over the world: we have the necessary skills to fully understand the processes of your organization and the needs of your customers and we guarantee a simple, logical and defined approach to the Audit process.