Forensic professions


The forensic professions are all those specializations that, although not included in a register and without a state examination, are of great importance in the forensic field and therefore require the ability to demonstrate their specializations.

AJA Europe Srl Certifications

AJA Europe Srl has developed a series of proprietary standards that cover some of the most important professionalisms in the forensic field.

All certification schemes require a strong specialization, obtained through professional experience and high level training: only in this way AJA Europe Srl certified professionals can guarantee the market to represent excellence in their sector.

The certification of persons, as required by ISO 17024, consists of three main phases:

  • Application for certification and control of the prerequisites of professional experience and formal, non-formal and specific training;
  • Certification exam, conducted by qualified examiners;
  • Technical resolution, conducted by independent experts in the field and not involved in the exam activities, and issue of certificates.

Professional profiles


The criminologist is the professional who knows how to use in a uniform manner the empirical knowledge on crime, on the people who commit it, on criminal conduct and on the control of such conduct.

The criminologist can operate in the prison sector, at the Surveillance Court, can hold positions of honorary judge in the judicial system for minors and works as a consultant of the parties in the trials and as an auxiliary collaborator of the Judicial Police.


The criminalist is an expert in legal and technical subjects that allow him / her to operate as a Technical Consultant of the Judicial Police, the Prosecutor or the Attorney, as a Private Investigator and as an expert in Intelligence.

The main knowledge of the criminalist is related to

Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry and Toxicology Chemistry, Dactyloscopy, Law (Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law and Special Laws), Explosives (Explosives and Flammables), Physics, Phonics, Geology, Graphology (graphic surveys), Computer Science (Cybercrime and Computer Science), Forensic medicine, Gun residues, Statistics, Videophotography.

Graphologist and Forensic Graphologist

Graphology is the discipline that studies and identifies the psychological characteristics of the individual starting from his writings. The graphologist, through psychological, graphological, linguistic, technical and chemical knowledge, is an important aid in the clinical and forensic field.