Professions in OHS sector

The issues related to Occupational Health and Safety are crucial for an organization: they impact on all areas of management, from relationships with employees and collaborators to legal aspects, from relations with public administrations to administrative and economic aspects.

Due to the importance and the sensitivity of the matter, for Companies and Institutions it is essential to rely on professionalism of proven competence in every moment of the processes related to the OHS context.

For professionals, the certification of their skills is an essential element to demonstrate their experience and preparation: both within organizations and as a consultant or trainer, a professional with certified skills is sure to stand out and see appropriately acknowledged his / her work.

AJA Europe Srl has developed certification schemes for all key figures in the OHS sector, from training to consulting, from assessment to management.

XPC-DF – Safety trainer (ACCREDIA accreditation)

The trainer must not only possess the knowledge related to the subject, the legislative and regulatory context and the productive sectors he / she deals with: it is essential that his / her skills include also the design of training paths and the learning and evaluation techniques.

The XPC-DF Certification guarantees that the certified professional is in possession of all the skills necessary to effectively transfer the key concepts of the OHS scope.

XPC-SM – Safety Manager (ACCREDIA accreditation)

Consultant, trainer, Prevention and Protection Service Manager: the Safety Manager Certification certifies that a professional has the necessary experience to play a key role, as an internal resource or as an external consultant, for all aspects related to Health and Safety at Work.

For an organization, relying on a certified Safety Manager is synonymous with tranquility, because the professional has transversal skills and can effectively set up all the initiatives necessary to ensure the highest safety standards.

XPC-DFSL – Teacher of Safety Trainers

Training of trainers is a key element in ensuring quality training courses. The Teacher of Trainers demonstrates knowledge of the essential elements of the OHS sector and the dynamics of learning and is able to transfer to the future trainers the skills necessary to carry out their task effectively.