ISO 14001 Certification – EMS


Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015 standard provides support to assess the company’s environmental impact and identifies the requirements for an environmental management system.

It defines a framework that an organization can follow to identify impacts on the environment, implement a system of controls to prevent and reduce pollution and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

It allows the organization to acquire the necessary awareness of the environmental issues related to its activities (including those related to any other subjects involved), which can result in a reduction of waste and of the use of electric power, an increase in the efficiency of processes and machinery, saving on expenses due to non-compliance with legislation; it allows to define and monitor adequate objectives and targets for continuous improvement, based on an accurate assessment of the environmental risk. It is also an essential means to show to stakeholders the constant commitment to reducing the impact on the environment.

More and more companies and institutions require their suppliers and stakeholders a commitment to improve their environmental performance. The ISO 14001 accredited certification is the first step to guarantee reliability in this context.

A Cube TIC Group, also through its associated companies, carries out ISO 14001 audits on a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors all over the world: we have the necessary skills to fully understand the processes of your organization and the needs of your customers and we guarantee a simple, logical and defined approach to the Audit process.