Energy Management Expert (EME – UNI 11339 – Lgs. Decree 102/2014)


The issues related to energy and energy efficiency acquire an increasing importance in European and international areas. In Italy, the “Energy Efficiency” Decree 102/2014 established the obligation of Energy Diagnosis for energy companies and large companies, and has set challenging objectives for the Public Administration. This decree requires certified figures, whose requirements are covered by recognized skills.

Furthermore, the circular issued by the MiSE in 18 December 2014 re-qualifies the figure of the Energy Manager for companies, subject to appointment, requesting in practice new and updated skills, perfectly compatible with those identified by the UNI 11339 standard for the Energy Management Expert.

Energy Management Expert UNI 11339 and MiSE-MATTM Directorial Decree 12/05/2015

The profile of the Energy Management Expert (EME), as outlined by the UNI 11339, is a central figure for the management of all aspects of an organization related to energy, from purchases to the project management of efficiency projects, from Energy Audits to the implementation of ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.

The EME UNI 11339 Certification complies with Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 and is currently governed by the MiSE-MATTM Directorial Decree of 12/05/2015, which incorporates the ACCREDIA accreditation scheme and which establishes general rules for admission prerequisites, the structure examination and the characteristics of the examiners. AJA Europe Srl has obtained the accreditation for this scheme in September 2015, at the first available session.

The standard identifies two sectors:

  • Civil Sector: concerns buildings, the tertiary sector, residential and public administration; for energy diagnostics, the reference standard set is UNI EN 16247.
  • Industrial Sector: concerns production processes and transport. For energy diagnosis, the reference standards are parts 3 and 4 of UNI EN 16247.

You can access the certification exam after a check of the requirements of professional experience and training, listed in our product sheet.

The Certification has a duration of five years, provided the passing of the annual maintenance required to verify the continuity of the professional experience and the continuous updating of certified professionals.

The benefits of an EME certification

From 19 July 2016, the EME is one of the reference figures (together with the E.S.Co. UNI 11352 certificate) to access the White Certificates mechanism.

Furthermore, it is the profile identified by the Legislative Decree No. 102/2014 for carrying out the mandatory Energy Diagnoses at energivorous companies and large companies.

The maximum part of the Public Administrations, in their calls for tenders, require this certification for the appointment to Energy Manager; as a freelancer, he / she can enter the reference market for all the services in the energy sector, from consultancy to training, as Head of ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems and as Energy Manager of obliged and non-obliged companies.

The EME certificate by AJA Europe Srl is included in AJA Europe Srl and ACCREDIA public registers.