Security Professional (UNI 10459 and Decree of the Chief of Police 24/02/2015)

The Security Manager (or Security Professional) is the professional who, within an organization or as an external consultant, has the objective of protecting the assets (understood in the broadest sense of the term) by guaranteeing the organization the operation of its production processes and thus ensuring the maintenance of the ability to produce income.

It is in fact a professional figure who, although finding ample space in the Security Institutes, who must have at least one professional with these characteristics within them, also works in all those organizations where assets – know-how, industrial secrets, sensitive data, money and values, machinery – must be preserved with particular care.

The Ministry of the Interior, as part of the renewal of the Private Security sector started with Ministerial Decree 269/2010, has developed together with ACCREDIA a certification scheme on the UNI 10459: 2015 standard, supplemented by the provisions of the law and contained in the Decree of the Chief of Police of 24/02/2015. The standard has recently been updated to the UNI 10459:2017 version, which better specifies some skills and facilitates access to certification for those with a four-year higher education diploma and for those who have followed training courses with institutions recognized by the Regions.

The certification process

AJA Europe Srl certifies people according to the XPERT-SecMan scheme, compliant with the UNI 10459:2017 “Professional Security” and the Private Security legislation (DM 269/2010, DM 115/2014, Decree of the Chief of Police of 24/02 / 2015).

AJA Europe Srl is accredited by ACCREDIA and works with the recognition of the Ministry of the Interior (OdC No. 15 – category 3) for the certification of this profile. The certificates issued are registered in the Accredia public register and are transmitted to the Ministry, Department of Public Security, and to the competent prefectures.

The recent passage from the UNI 10459: 2017 edition confirmed three different profiles, distinguished by training, minimum work experience and professional responsibilities:

  • Level 1 Professional Security (Security Expert), a professional profile of operative nature, oriented to average levels of complexity.
  • Level 2 Security Professional (Security Manager), a professional profile with management and planning responsibilities, able to operate in high complexity contexts
  • Level 3 Security Professional (Senior Security Manager), oriented to maximum levels of security complexity: the professional experience and the deepening of the required knowledge make it a point of reference for the design and management of security plans, identification of cutting-edge technologies and procedures.

For details on the characteristics of professional experience and specific training required for certification, see our product sheet.

AJA Europe Srl certifies professionals through a five-step process:

  • Documentary control of the minimum requirements of experience, knowledge and training;
  • Written exam with close-ended answers;
  • Written exam on case studies;
  • Oral exam;
  • Evaluation of the exams and deliberation by an independent committee.