Directive 89/106 EEC for construction products has introduced the obligation of the CE marking for construction materials with the purpose of their placing on the market.

The directive was repealed and replaced with the EU Regulation no. 305: 2011: manufacturers must declare, through the affixing of the CE marking, the compliance of the construction product with the performance stated on document Declaration of Performance (DOP).

The CE Marking is the manufacturer’s responsibility and may be affixed by the same as a result of certification issued by a Notified Body, according to the Attestation System identified in the Annex ZA of the harmonized standards.

AJA Europe Srl is notified by the European Union (Notified Body no. 2309) on the following products:

CE Aggregates,
CE Precast Concrete
CE Structural Components in Steel and Aluminum UNI EN 1090


Possibility of placing the product on the market;
Process control through verification of:
Raw materials, machinery and equipment,
Human Resources,
Compliance with procedures,
Constance in the product performance, through the constant determination of the geometric characteristics, physical, chemical and mechanical properties,
greater reliability of supply, with the better guarantees given to the Works Directors, to companies and to customers.

Certification process

The certification of Factory Production Control System requires a minimum documentation consisting of the production manual, the Procedures and the Technical Instructions. During the inspection visit will be verified the Declaration of Performance (DOP), the initial type tests (ITT), which characterize the product in geometrical, physical, chemical and mechanical terms and the Factory Production Control: the manufacturer must have installations with equipment running, periodically calibrated, with all the materials suitably identified.

AJA Europe Srl will issue following the first visit the Certificate of constancy of performance of the product.

The Certificate issued is valid for three years, subject to annual surveillance audits to ensure the maintenance of the minimum requirements of the Production Control System required by the harmonized standards