GNI – Global Network Initiative

GNI Participants commit to implement the organization’s Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy (“the GNI Principles”), which provide direction and guidance to the ICT industry and its stakeholders in protecting and advancing the enjoyment of these human rights globally.

The GNI Principles state the overarching commitment of members to collaborate in the advancement of user rights to freedom of expression and privacy.

The Principles provide high-level guidance to the ICT industry on how to respect, protect, and advance user rights to freedom of expression and privacy, including when faced with government demands for censorship and disclosure of user’s personal information.

Companies participating in GNI are independently assessed every two years on their progress in implementing the GNI Principles.

The purpose of the assessment is to enable the GNI Board to determine whether each member company is “making good faith efforts to implement the GNI Principles with improvement over time.”

Independent assessment includes both a company Process Review and a review of specific Case Studies.

Only organizations accredited in by GNI’s multi-stakeholder Board are eligible to conduct assessments of member companies.

There are only 12 accredited organization worldwide and A Cube Tic Limited is one of them.