Certification of the Equal Opportunities Management System related to Gender Equality


The certification of a system compliant with this standard enables the company to demonstrate the application of equal opportunities related to gender equality.

The Management System can be integrated easily with the ISO 9001 Quality System and includes the following main aspects:

  • Responsibility of the Directorate for equal opportunities – analysis of the needs of the interested parties; policies for equal opportunities; action plans that guarantee equal opportunities; internal and external communication; organisation; management review;
  • Resource Management – Personnel selection and management based on equal opportunities; employee involvement and empowerment; training; skills and evaluation;
  • Product/Service Implementation – Equal Opportunities integrated into business processes; Supply management value chain;
  • Measurement, analysis, and improvement – Measurements and monitoring; cost/benefit assessment with a view to continuous improvement; collecting data and information disaggregated by gender and system of reports; Customer satisfaction; internal audits; non-compliance management; data analysis; corrective and preventive actions.


The management of human resources and work involved in gender equality sets in motion a virtuous circle that feeds on itself, giving added value to the organisation and giving it a series of advantages:

  • It allows the Company to request a reduction in the average INAIL premium, in relation to the commitments made regarding Corporate Social Responsibility
  • It ensures compliance with the relevant legislation on equal opportunities, in particular:
    • Compliance with the European Directive and related national applications on Equal Opportunities of men and women in Public Administration;
    • Prevention of the risk of work-related stress;
    • Compliance with the European Directive relating to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and jobs.
  • Improve internal management aspects by:
    • Improving the company’s working environment;
    • Improving the quality of life/work balance of women and men;
    • Improving employee participation, motivation, and commitment;
    • Optimising human resources development, including that of groups that are currently under-valued;
    • Satisfying diverse stakeholder needs;
    • Reducing absenteeism and turnover;
    • Increasing productivity;
    • Enhancement of gender differences as an added value.
  • Improve the external image also by:
    • Making the job more attractive because it is considered fair in terms of equal opportunities; and
    • Providing a better quality of product and service.

Certification process

The certification is obtained through an initial verification of the Process Management System involved in gender equality in the shape of an initial audit.

The certificate obtained at the end of the course is valid for three years, subject to annual surveillance checks.

The audits are independent of ISO 9001 certification, but can be carried out jointly in order to optimise costs.

AJA Excellence standards, developed by experts and designed specifically for the Italian economic-legislative context, are owned by AJA Europe Srl, partner of the A Cube Tic Ltd group.