Customer Service Transparency Standard (CSTS)

The Transparency Standard provides a set of minimum requirements that organisations must meet to demonstrate their commitment to customer rights and ethical practices in the services they provide. It emphasises the importance of adopting a customer-centred approach, monitoring customer satisfaction and being open to feedback. By designing business processes, products, services and strategies around the voice of the customer, organisations can identify opportunities to improve the transparency of customer service. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, reliability and business benefits.

The Transparency Standard refers to TC 1001:2023 (second edition of the standard, published 1 January 2023), which is the international standard for transparency certification. This document sets out the requirements for transparent customer service practices and is applicable to all organisations, regardless of type, size, nature or geographical location.

The standard is easy to implement and has clear requirements described in TC 1001:2023.
It is based on documented ISO standards in Customer Satisfaction (ISO 10001 & 10004), Complaint Handling (ISO 10002 & 10003), Information Security & Privacy (ISO 27001), Anti-Bribery (ISO 37001) and ISO Annex SL (Management System Standards). It is not necessary to be certified to these standards to achieve CSTS certification.

The certification process is simple and involves registering via an online portal ( and submitting the required documented information, which is verified remotely by A Cube TIC (ACT) experts.

The owners of the Transparency Certification Scheme are A Cube TIC Ltd, OnAirCommerce W.L.L. and iCompliance Ltd.

For more information on the Transparency Certification Scheme and its requirements, please visit the Transparency Certification website at: