PEFC CoC: Chain of Custody of Forest-Based Products

The Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Chain of Custody (PEFC CoC) standard is a mechanism to track certified material from the forest to the final product, to ensure that wood, wood fibre, and non-wood forest products, which are contained in a product can be tracked to the forests of origin.

Chain of Custody certification ensures that the process of tracing and producing forest-based products is verified throughout the entire production chain and that no timber from controversial sources (e.g. from illegal logging or from protected areas) can enter the product chain certificates, as required by the PEFC standards. Recent research shows that companies and end customers are increasingly interested in certifying Chain of Custody when purchasing products from certified forests.
AJA Europe is notified by PEFC Italia to issue certifications according to the PEFC ITA 1002 and PEFC ST 2002 standards. As part of this activity, AJA Europe Srl operates as a certification body accredited by ACCREDIA for product certification according to ISO/IEC 17065.

To use the PEFC Logo, the company must enter into a contract directly with PEFC Italia, which issues the certified use of the license. The rules of use of the Logo are reported in the Standard: PEFC ITA 2001