F-GAS operators

The heat pump is an efficient technology both for cooling (air conditioners, civil and industrial refrigerators, freezers) and for heating (in not too rigid climates, heating of rooms with heat pump is cheaper and cleaner than traditional gas boilers).

To work, however, the air conditioner uses fluorinated gases that have a strong impact on the greenhouse effect: it is estimate that a liter of gas contained in a domestic air conditioner, if dispersed in the atmosphere, pollutes as a car that makes 10 times the Milan -Palermo route.

For this reason, the legislator has made provision for personnel working with fluorinated gases to demonstrate their skills through an independent certification.

AJA Europe Srl carries out certification activities for people working in contact with fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Accredited by ACCREDIA (certificate no. 087 C, according to the UNI EN ISO 17024: 2012) for the Certification according to the following Regulations:

  • Regulation (EU) n. 2015/2067: certification of natural persons as regards stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, and refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks and trailers, containing fluorinated greenhouse gases and for the certification of companies as regards stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, containing fluorinated greenhouse gases;
  • Regulation (EC) No. 304/2008: Certification of companies and personnel as regards stationary fire protection systems and fire extinguishers containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases;

AJA Europe Srl is also a body designated by the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea– with Directorial Decree n. 104 of 13/05/2019 – pursuant to article 5, paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree no. 146/2018 as Certification Body for people according to Regulations (EU) n. 2015/2067 and (EC) n.304/2008.