Industry 4.0 (now Transition 4.0) For the Italian Market Only

The National Plan of Enterprise 4.0 is a system of measurements and facilities whose main goal is to encourage investments in innovation business and in competitiveness. The Plan is based on four strategic

  • Innovative investments
  • Qualifying infrastructure
  • Expertise and Research
  • Awareness e governance

A series of tools have been provided by the Italian Government in order for enterprises to digitalise their own production processes and for getting actively involved in the current industrial revolution, such as:

  • Hyper and super depreciation
  • New Sabatini
  • Guarantee fund
  • Patent box
  • Research and development tax credit
  • Formation tax Credit 4.0

In order to not incur an undue use of the tax credit it is mandatory to complete meticulously the required certificates and documentation for facilities.

The Revenue Agency is responsible for controls of the certified accounting documentations. In particular, for the purposes of correct fruition of the tax credit, the Agency verifies the subsistence of required conditions by the facilitation discipline as well as the admissibility of activities and costs which determined the tax credit.

In the event being questioned, partiality with intent to undo the use of tax credits for the complaint of required conditions, namely by an inadmissibility of costs on the basis of which the amount used was agreed upon and the revenue agency will provide to recover the relative amount, increased by interests and sanctions by law, made exception for the eventual civil, criminal or administrative liability borne at the expense of the beneficiary company.

In a recent article (Industry 4.0 transforms the Agency with interconnected machinery) il Sole 24 Ore pointed out that the initial survey and also the circular information are not sufficient to access the benefits provided by the industry 4.0 plan, issued by the Revenue Agency.

The simple verification of the interconnection of assets to production management systems is not enough since the company “must maintain the condition in order to merit the facilitation.”

AJA Europe Srl supports companies which invest in digital innovation by issuing, where the requirements are met, a certificate of “Conformity related to capital and/or intangible assets – Industry 4.0” providing in periodic monitoring to confirm the maintenance of the interconnection requirements over time and ad hoc checks on any changes or improvements made by entrepreneurs that allow the assets to remain within the required criteria and the company to continue to benefit from the facilitation measures.