Qualification Tests for Welders UNI EN ISO 9606 – “Welder Licence”

Certification of skill for welding job roles and welding operators.

Welding processes are critical processes to the construction sector. The critical importance of the human component and the crucial role that the welded structure often plays in the building have convinced legislators to request a series of certifications from companies to validate processes and ensure the quality of the welded product.

The UNI EN 1090 standard, which became mandatory in July 2014 for companies producing structural components in steel and aluminium, requires:

  • Certification of welding personnel according to UNI EN ISO 9606 (“Welding license”)
  • Certification of welding procedures according to UNI EN ISO 15614
  • The appointment of a “Welding coordinator” who has completed the mandatory training
  • The ability to operate in compliance with ISO 3834 “Quality requirements for welding”

The Certification of personnel, which then becomes binding, is intended to guarantee to the client and stakeholders that the company works with employees in possession of the necessary skills to guarantee the safety and strength of their buildings.

AJA Europe Srl certifies welders under ACCREDIA accreditation through a rigorous process, which pays close attention to the Candidate’s needs.

The advantages of having the certification of welders’ skills UNI EN ISO 9606 (“welders license”)

  • According to EN 1090, the certification is mandatory for operators welding CE marked material
  • Certified employees ensure high-quality standards
  • The certification highlights the operators’ professionalism when changing jobs or looking for employment
  • Certified professionals are listed on the AJA Europe Srl register