IEC – International Event Certification

The restart of the events industry bears the mark of IEC, International Event Certification (, the new certification expressly conceived for meeting professionals and wedding planners, the only one certified by the AJA Europe Srl Group (see below) and valid all over the world, as well as unique to specifically address both the wedding and the meeting industries. Suppliers and even major venues may get certified too.

About IEC

IEC aims at internationally acknowledging professionals’ quality, thus creating a community of networking, apprenticeships and growth.

22 countries are represented by 16 international professionals of undisputed fame, enrolled as Country Partner Examiners, plus another 100 leading international partners for post-exam apprenticeship programs.

IEC is available in the following versions:

For professionals

  • Wedding and Event Planner and Destination Wedding and Event Planner
  • Virtual and Hybrid Event Planner
  • Wedding and Events Designer
  • LGBT Weddings & Events Planner
  • Wedding & Events Producer

For venues

  • Specialized Wedding & Events Venue

For suppliers

  • Weddings & Events Vendor

Eligible suppliers: Catering and Banqueting, Audio/Visuals, Florist and Decor, Photographer, Videographer, Entertainment (DJ, performer, band, talent agency).

To be stressed that IEC is not a course: it is a professional certification guaranteeing the skills’ compliance to the standards set by Aja Europe Srl Group and its partners. The aim of IEC is not to sell courses but to verify whether or not the candidates know how to carry out an event in every detail of its design, planning and implementation.

The examination

As mentioned, the certification is obtained after examination – a written and oral test currently scheduled only face-to-face by international professional examiners and validated both by AJA Europe Srl and the Country partner examiner. Conflicts of interest are not tolerated, and a proven experience in the examination field is strictly required.

The country partners have all great authority in their countries, in the sense that they set de-facto standards, previously validated by the AJA Europe Srl Group, to which the entire industry levels up. The examination takes place with uniform open tests, country by country, and gets to be assessed by homogeneous rating.

To be admitted, one must create a portfolio by following a checklist issued at the time of registration. One can submit for only one certification as well as for more than one, always following the checklist.

Admission is finalized by the Country partner, who checks and verifies the checklist.

Each exam involves a full day of written and oral test. It is about creating an event from A to Z with solutions and plans as if it were a real event with the client sitting in front of the candidate.

The mark is expressed in hundredths. The exam is passed with a minimum grade of 65/100. Three levels, depending on the grade:

  • 65-84/100: professional
  • 85-99/100: élite
  • 100/100: master

Each of these levels gives access to different privileges, listed on the site.

Candidates may refuse the grade as well as retake the exam as many times as they want, the aim being to grow and not to flaunt success.

The exam has a cost: the same amount is always due, no matter where and how many times one takes it. The progress of the candidate, from pre-selection to certificate, is online, as are the costs.

Successful candidates must demonstrate year by year that they have maintained their professional level (or levels, in case of multiple certifications) by proving ongoing professional activity as well as the frequency of continuing education according to a specific course-checklist.

Certifications must be renewed every five years by taking new test, so to demonstrate improvements and progress in the community.

In order to know the updated list of Country partner and submit the application, here the dedicated website