Certifications regarding CE marking

The EEC Directive N. 89/106 for construction products, implemented in Italy by Presidential Decree N. 246 of 1993, introduced the obligation of the CE marking for construction materials to be sold. The directive was repealed and replaced by Regulation EU N. 305 of 2011, according to which producers must declare the performance of products to be sold through the issue of a “Declarations of Performance (DOP)” and the CE marking of the product, before being put on sale.

The manufacturer may mark a product with CE, in compliance with the applicable Performance Evaluation Assessment and Verification System (see Annex V EU Regulation N. 305/2011). It can do this after it has implemented the provisions of the harmonized reference standard and it has obtained certification of the constancy of performance, or the control of factory production, by a third party notified by the European Commission.

For the first time, in Italy, the Ministerial Decree: N. 106/2017 has introduced administrative and penal sanctions for designers, construction managers, producers, and certification bodies in the event that, each according to his own responsibilities, put on the market products that are not in compliance with EU Regulation N. 305/2011. In particular, AJA Europe Srl is a body recognised by the European Commission with notification N. 2309 for the following construction products: cement, bitumen, bituminous conglomerates, aggregates, components, and metal carpentry kits.

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