Advanced Management System


The System represents an Advanced Organisational Model that allows the Company to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and add specific requirements of excellence integrating them into a modern Management Control System. X-Ult makes it possible to link company profitability to business strategy through a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) structured according to the Balanced Scorecards technique.

The definition of the Strategic Map allows to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of the business activities from which the KPIs are determined.

The Key Performance Indicators are structured according to the Balanced Scorecards Perspectives:

Financial Perspective;

  • Financial Perspective;
  • Business Processes’ Perspective;
  • Customer Perspective;
  • Staff Competence and Innovation Perspective.

The Advanced Management System thus allows the Company to keep the global Performance under control.


  • Can be integrated with ISO 9001, enabling self-assessment according to specific ISO principles;
  • Allows one to tie the company’s economic and financial aspects to the Company Strategy;
  • Enables one to manage the economic and financial risks by keeping the Cash Flow under control;
  • Allows sustainable growth through corporate management based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);
  • Facilitates the Due Diligence process;
  • Allows you to request the reduction of the average annual INAIL premium, as far as the Corporate Social Responsibility aspect is concerned;
  • Improves the Company’s Bank Rating with significant advantages in terms of access to credit and reduction of the cost of money.

Certification process

The certification is obtained through an initial verification of the Process Management System involved in gender equality in the shape of an initial audit.

The certificate obtained at the end of the course is valid for three years, subject to annual surveillance checks.

The audits are independent of ISO 9001 certification, but can be carried out jointly in order to optimise costs.

AJA Excellence standards, developed by experts and designed specifically for the Italian economic-legislative context, are owned by AJA Europe Srl, partner of the A Cube Tic Ltd group.