The general term “Product Certification” comprises product, process and service certifications. This certification assures customers and stakeholders that a company is capable of manufacturing a product, implementing a process, or delivering a service in accordance with the specifications and reference standards. For some particularly sensitive products, these certifications must ensure that the products are able to operate nationally and internationally. The “Product Certification” ensures, therefore, that the certified company, through a systematic set of activities, is able to manufacture a product, implement a process, or deliver a service in accordance with the reference specifications during the period of validity of the certification. During this period, the certification body carries out periodic checks to ensure the company continues to be able to supply compliant products, processes, and services.
Certification Process

The main phases of the certification process, which is common to all product, process, and service certification schemes, are outlined below:

Request for Offer
Inspection Audit

In the individual pages dedicated to the products, processes, and services certified by AJA Europe Srl, the customer will find links to download the following documents: Request for Offer and Special Rules. Whereas below one can download the following documents:

General Rules
Proceedings and Complaints Procedure
Appeal or Complaint Management Form

that have a general application regardless of the type of product, process, or service.