A Cube TIC awarding of the first 2 Customer Service Transparency Standard (CSTS) certificates to Gulf Medical CO (Saudi Arabia) and Al Naghi Medical CO (United Arab Emirates)

A Cube TIC has recently issued the first two Customer Service Transparency Standard certificates to Gulf Medical Co in Saudi Arabia and Al Naghi Medical Co in the United Arab Emirates. A Cube TIC’s recognition of Gulf Medical CO and Al Naghi Medical CO as the first recipients of A Cube TIC’s Customer Service Transparency Standard certificates by A Cube TIC not only celebrates their achievements but also encourages other organisations to adopt similar practices. By prioritising transparency and customer satisfaction, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers, enhance their reputation, and ultimately drive business success.

Gulf Medical CO

Gulf Medical CO, based in Saudi Arabia, is a leading supplier of medical equipment and supplies provider in the region. The company has been at the forefront of providing innovative healthcare solutions and outstanding customer service for several years. By achieving the Customer Service Transparency Standard certificate, Gulf Medical CO demonstrates its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, setting an example for the industry.

Al Naghi Medical CO

Al Naghi Medical CO, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a renowned healthcare company that specialising in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare solutions. With a strong focus on customer service excellence, Al Naghi Medical CO has consistently strived to improve its service delivery and build trust with its customers. The Customer Service Transparency Standard certification recognises and validates the company’s commitment to maintaining high levels of transparency and ethical practices in customer interactions.

The Customer Service Transparency Standard is a globally recognised certification program developed by A Cube TIC, OnAirCommerce & icompliance. It provides a benchmark for organisations across various industries to establish transparent and customer-centric service practices. The standard includes a comprehensive set of criteria that assesses an organisation’s commitment to openness, honesty, responsiveness, and accountability in its customer service operations.