A master to become a blockchain expert

Link Campus University and Consulcesi Tech together to launch the first course recognized by Aja Europe. Entirely in line with the growing company demand.

A survey conducted by Deloitte in 2019 of 1,386 companies in 12 countries (including Canada, the United States, Israel, China, Germany) reports that more than half of companies say that blockchain technology has become a strategic priority for their organization. But if university and post-university education is already at an advanced stage in many countries, in Italy, it is struggling to take off. The first master is born to fill in this gap.

Aimed at recent graduates and professionals who want to approach the Fintech world, work in the financial sector, and the cryptocurrency market. Professions such as Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Engineer, and Blockchain Marketing Specialist, Blockchain Legal expert, BlockChain Health Manager, will be increasingly defined and formed. The MBA master promoted by Consulcesi Tech and Link Campus University allows modular training and e-learning modality. It is possible to choose the most exciting content for one’s professional growth.

“In an environment in continuous and very rapid evolution, it is necessary to introduce a new approach to the study of the potential of Blockchain technology with a multidisciplinary study at both a technological and economic level,” explains Gianluigi Pacini Battaglia, CEO of Consulcesi Tech.

“The master’s contents are held in e-learning mode through the platform and are available in both Italian and English, adds Gustavo Mastrobuoni of Link Campus University. The master’s course starts from a general macroeconomic perspective, to then focus on the development potential of the Blockchain in the areas of security, public administration, intelligence, and legal aspects related to privacy. A second part is dedicated specifically to the technical aspects of the Blockchain and the programming of Smart Contracts ».

The master in Blockchain and cryptocurrency economics, regarding the Uni En 16234-1 e-Competence Framework (e-Cf) and Uni 11621 standards, is recognized by the certification body Aja Europe as functional to accrue the skills useful for achieving the certification of professional skills for the “Blockchain Analyst” and “Blockchain Specialist” profiles. It is the first master in the world to obtain this recognition. According to these professional profile schemes, which Link Campus University has helped to outline, the certification represents a professional reference market-specific. It favors the inclusion of Blockchain experts produced by the master at the highest levels of recognition in the corporate and institutional sphere.

The choice of e-learning is highlighted by the health emergency linked to the coronavirus of these days. It underlines the validity of distance learning, which also allows those who work and have limited time to acquire new expertise in a fluid and personalized way, having the most excellent experts available on demand.

For further info: https://master.unilink.it/blockchain/.

Source: Avvenire