Final reports of the QUASAR Project

Final reports from the QUASAR Project have been unveiled, marking the culmination of our involvement in this project aimed at enhancing quality assurance within social care and vocational education and training (VET).

Here’s the results in the form of reports and articles:

Desk research

This research provides an overview of a selection of studies and an analysis of some quality assurance systems (EFQM, EQUASS, ISO 9001 and NEW DIRECTIONS). The aim was to enhance social care and VET service providers awareness about key issues in service provision and quality management, placing particular emphasis on upholding the human rights of service users.

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Survey & Focus Group Report

The findings outlined in this report stem from extensive research conducted via surveys and focus groups by the dedicated QUASAR project team. The aim was to discern elements that are important in quality system for social and VET services, from the perspectives of service users, their families, and the professionals supporting them.

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QUASAR Booklet

The QUASAR booklet has been crafted to offer baseline knowledge regarding the state of the art of quality management within VET and social services geared towards individuals with disabilities. Special attention has been devoted to delineating the latest approaches and trends, as well as areas of improvement and recommendations.

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